We’re the Families of NIU, and we’re going to tell you all about our experiences. The ups. The downs. Even the stuff we’re still trying to figure out along the way. Because we know firsthand how daunting it can all feel.
Lori Botterman with son Spencer
When you send your student to us at NIU, let them know that you will always be a lifeline, but not the only lifeline.
Joe King location featured image
Your student can cultivate an experience at NIU as rich as any to be found across the country.
Please don’t worry if your student remains undecided. Encourage them to match what’s in their hearts with our academic programs. Something will resonate — because sometimes, it’s the major, or the career, that chooses you.
We pledge that eligible students will pay no tuition or fees their first year at NIU — and possibly beyond!
For my daughters, NIU provided a caring community, the tools they needed for success and lots of career options.
What are some important things to keep in mind when applying? Check out our top insider tips for future Huskies!
Jamie with family photo
Your family has options to make a college education affordable. And I know firsthand how easy NIU makes it all.